Untainted: To be without blemish…

Hip Hop of the last ten years has brought the art form to an all time low…on the radio we have songs that sound so much the same it’s hard to tell if the record has changed or not and don’t get me started on that robot stuff…some cats sound like they recorded their whole album singing in front of a fan. The music doesn’t evoke the passion it once did but not without reason…put simple hip hop has sold its soul for money and fame…and with that has come a decade of one hit wonders and a guy considered the greatest rapper alive who wouldn’t even be considered a good rapper back in the days. Radio stations owned by corporate companies that have no attachment to hip hop have put whatever the record company’s pay them to put on the air…gone are the days of DJs breaking new artist…Now a day radio station will play the same ten songs over and over again and what has happen is a dude who might have been deep into Wu-tang or Nas can’t even understand that sound anymore…his ears have been turned out by radio. This is where we come in…this blog will be dedicated to promoting artist with an authentic hip hop sound. I know what you’re thinking…there’s already thousands of blogs like that out there what makes your different…Well we promote Christian hip hop artist with a golden era influence…I say influence because hip hop does need to grow but these artist in my opinion have taken the best from yesterday and brought it to today…boom bap, lyrics and all…they are…Untainted…


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