The Untainted Corey Red Playlist

1. It’s my Turn
2. Political Science
3. Warriors
4. Da grind w/ Precise & Matt Reeves
5. Y2J
6. Old Testament
7. Light of the Wicked Freestyle
8. Brooklyn / Shaolin Connection
9. No Playing Fences
10. Throw Ya Hands Up
11. Mary Jane w/ Tiffany Lang
12. My Plight
13. Unforgettable
14. What’s Up w/ Psalmotry
15. I’m Not Religious
16. Amazing Grace w/ J Johnson
17. The Virus
18. Digital Warfare
19. Girl U Know
20. Emcee’s Delight
21. American Dream
22. Fallin’
23. Da Matrix Joint
24. Lyrical Biblical
25. I am Legend
26. The Foundation
27. Gethsemane
28. Jesus Walks
29. The Last Shall Be First
30. 1st kefa

What would you add?

Corey Red week coming the week before the release of “The Invisable Man”

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